About the Warrioress

I am an aspiring artist, writer, photographer and musician. Kindly note the emphasis on 'aspiring'. I am currently working in the field of Communications and hope to someday reside in the other side of the world (the northwest, hopefully married and already in the art scene). I believe that my blog writing skills have remained stagnant since I gave up my previous blog, and would like to warn readers that my writing may be mediocre and inconsistent (hopefully only) at times. However, I promise (and know) that my blog writing skills will once again improve as I strive to maintain and keep Surrealistic Realism active.

My distinct name comes from my interest in mythologies, literature, and the importance of names. My ideal self is embodied within these names.

I insist on substituting cryptonyms for selected real names and places to be more at ease in detailing personal accounts and express thoughts and feelings they have produced.

Hit me up if you have any questions. Remember, let's be nice--we are all fighting difficult battles. : )


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Do be nice--we are all fighting difficult battles.